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Are you graduating from a top college
with an entrepreneurial dream?

Are you graduating from a top college with an entrepreneurial dream? Get your idea validated with technology experts (that's us). Find out whats feasible and how to stage the development of your product idea.


We design and develop for Tech Startups.

Our development studio focuses mainly on designing and developing for US based tech startups. Our work focuses on building stunning, effective marketing sites, apps and incredibly refined gaming experiences for web

Looking for a Technical Cofounder for your startup idea?

We are not just an outsourcing company, we are more like startup consultants. With our vast experience designing and creating apps from the bottom up, we can help you by understanding your unique business model, creating an MVP product, creating marketing material and helping with pitching to investors. All under one roof.

Partners for Business

We prefer not to be addressed as service providers. We are business partners, consultants and guardian angels (elves).

GTA is cool racing game
based on indian context.
Game features full
HD resolution & graphics


3D Mazeball game developed
in Unity by StartupElves


This is a game app
developed in node js by

A Loyalty and Couponing platform

Revolution in Art and Design
using 3D printing

RestaurantApps UK

A social collaboration
platform for school
and colleges

An action packed 3D game

Customize your tees and
hoodies .

Bhaag DK Bose

Anonymous social network

Chat with people around you
Filter based on sex, age and interests

Building apps and devices
for a smarter home

Online testing for K-12

An online loyalty program

We cater to startups coming out of incubators and entrepreneurial schools like...

  • Web Apps,
    e-Commerce & CMS
  • Mobile Apps
  • Gaming
  • Facebook Apps
Web Apps, e-Commerce & CMS

Web sites bring the most presence of a company online. However, for most startups the buck doesn't stop there. More and more businesses are running online services which require more than a static presentation. That's where web apps step in. Now, there is a whole bunch of frameworks which present rapid deployment structures for developers like us to deploy your novel application. While they provide you with a ready framework, each has limitations. With our years of experience architecting the first web apps for our startup clients, we are in a position to help select the best suited frameworks and the combination of the right tools for you to get off the ground, fast. Moreover we design and develop in such a way that when you are looking to scale up or when that unexpected wave of traffic hits (lets say you got featured on Tech Crunch or Venture Beat or you just got your first round of funding – great news BTW), your website is able to sustain that solid inflow of traffic.
If in case you have a novel idea for an altogether new application, we will be happy to do customized development for you. And don't worry, we have worked with several startups before. We follow the strictest of processes to keep your IP safe and with our solid contracts signed in favor of protecting all that we develop for you, you can really open up to us.

Design Our design team is experienced and at the same time brings freshness of new and creative designs which are going to blow your mind. No quite literally. We like to do things differently. Our design has hints of minimalism, a sprinkle of modernism, a tad bit of our own magic powder.
We have good talented concept designers who can churn out mockups or wireframes and then UI/UX designers who can really nail your design on the parameters that really count for user adoption. Great HTML5 and CSS3 skills, knowledge of responsive and mobile design are just some of the things which are great about our organization.

Development Technology We are very comfortable working on PHP, Python, Ruby or Node.js
We have extensive experience working on these frameworks and extending them via modules and Plugins – WordPress, Magento, Shopify, e-Commerce, CakePHP, CodeIgniter

E-Commerce Website Development E-commerce in this era is the mainstream business channel for a lot of companies and we understand what goes into making a system which scales up from ZERO all the way to a million monthly users. Whether it is product visualization or customization solutions we do it all. We are proficient in making custom tools for your ecommerce site as well as integrating with APIs like Picario (we love their simple system – it is Cake).

We are also very comfortable working on Shopify if you are looking for a quick deployment. However, if you are looking for a full feature ecommerce platform with lesser recurring costs, we suggest going in for something like Magento. With a host of plugins and our custom development solutions we can really tweak it to make it work as per your needs.

CMS ( Content Management System)Broadly speaking Content Management systems are systems to manage massive amounts of content (like for a publishing or blogging platform). It could also be used by a company like yours to keep your website up to date with a simple and easy to use update-it-yourself platform. We have great in depth knowledge at our organizations with making customized plugins for systems like Wordpress.

WorkflowsMore and more organizations are looking to put their workflows on the cloud and we are well placed, to use our in house knowledge along with your inputs, to deliver a solution quickly and efficiently.

Mobile Apps
  • BlackBerry and Symbian S60 platforms

    Even though market shares for these platforms have fallen drastically over the years, these are still widely popular platforms worldwide. Having an app on these platforms let's you target a huge user base. Standing out in these app markets might be easier than the regular Android, iPhone app stores.

  • PhoneGap

    PhoneGap really combines the two of our very strong interests. We love HTML5 and with PhoneGap we can quickly provide our clients with cross compatible applications and cost effective. PhoneGap does have certain limitations, but for a regular application and for regular users, there would hardly.

  • iOS platform

    iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad have really made a great impact on the user's expectations and when you have a well designed application for these platforms, the users will love your app as much as they love their devices. If you are planning to launch a mobile app, not having iOS platforms in your kitty.

  • Android platform

    Android is a widely popular mobile platform and with Google's APIs and services it really becomes a go to platform for Mobile apps development and deployment. We will manage the entire process from requirement gathering to the finished product Alpha and Beta tested and then live on the Play store.

Some Of Our Good Work
  • Maskro

    Maskro is an anonymous social network that let's you share your feelings with the world without revealing your identity.

  • Go Stop

    Go Stop is korean card game. Go-Stop is played with hanafuda cards using a different point system.

  • Club Shlub

    This app is a convenient way to read about the clubs around you and the events they are hosting. This app answers a simple question what's 'happening' tonight?

  • Space Shooter Hero

    Fly in space using the accelerometer to steer yourself clear of enemies. Shoot them enemies up with your laser beams.

  • Naka

    Naka app helps you keep track of Traffic Jams and Police Posts (Nakas) in and around you.

  • Tanishq Karvachauth

    On Karvachauth, set an alarm for moonrise, let the phone become a sieve (chalni) to view the moon, gift and purchase exquisite Gold and Diamond jewellery by Tanishq

  • Track My Courier

    TMC provides an easy to use, single window operation for tracking your courier from various courier vendors.

  • PNR

    Track your PNR status with this light weight and really fast application. Don't wait to know the status of your ticket.

  • Sales Order Management

    Mobile app for sales order management for an Australian MNC

  • Restaurant App

    Get start your own business with restaurant app.


    SONOW connects to your twitter stream and starts reading news which you like .

  • Food Ordering App

    Mobile app for an O2O food ordering startup based in LA

  • Calender App

    We are coming with this app as soon as possible

  • Maker of GamesWith a team of developers we make awesome games like Mosquito Splat, Space Shooter, Gostop, Learning clouds.
  • Need a Game?We have talented designers and developers who build awesome games for both mobile and web platforms. If you have unique ideas Click Here to share with us.
  • We'll Publish Your GameWe create games as per your ideas and We manage the entire process from requirement gathering to the finished product and after testing we publish on the Play store.
We make games for all major platforms
like iOS, Android, Blackberry, Window.

GoStop is a realtime Multitasking Game which includes Korean card game, Chat Room and most importantly is a multi-platform game available on iOS, Android, Facebook and Web Platforms.

We have many gaming apps being sold on iTunes and Google Play. like Space Shooter, Play Catch, GoStop, Mosquito Splat etc.

Space Shooter

Fly in space using the accelerometer to steer yourself clear of enemies. Shoot them enemies up with your laser beams.


GoStop is korean card game. GoStop is played with hanafuda cards using the different point system.

Play Catch

Play Catch is an interesting exercise game for kids. This game makes your kid jump up for fun.

Get Me Outta Here

Get Me Outta Here is the block game. Throw the golden brick out by rearrange the other bricks.

Mosquito Splat

Mosquito Splat is the facebook game in which we kill the mosquitoes by hiting.

Learning Cloud

This fun and interactive game aims to teach our young kids to identify their alphabets and numbers.

Over the top

A Hill Climbing Race like game, Collect as many coins as possible without toppling over.
Facebook Apps

Facebook applications are a new way to interact with customers. Our Facebook applications development team provide professional consulting and developing services exclusively for facebook apps, our team experts explores every known feature of the facebook platform and provide accurate solutions for your facebook apps, which helps you to promote and enhance your business.

This is what I am looking for, get me a quote !!


Building an application on Facebook gives you the chance to deeply incorporate into the core Facebook experience. Your app can include with many aspects of, which includes the News Feed and Notifications.

If you are searching for a Facebook developer to develop a Facebook app for your company or you want expert help with your social media marketing campaign, contact us. Please search our website to learn more about our Facebook apps developer. You can request a quote on our website for any of our services.

About Us


We love our work process and so do our clients. We really work closely with our clients and involve them in every stage of the project in an open, transparent way.

We break down the process into a few fundamental areas; planning, wireframing, design and development. We find this focus on a few core areas makes for a smooth experience.

We love making our process fun too; we're no dull corporate company, we like some banter and a joke is never wasted on us. We really value our clients and that has worked well for us in terms of business growth via reference.

Our Skills
  • HTML 5
  • PHP
  • AJAX
  • MySQL
  • Perl
  • Node.js
  •  Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • Facebook
  • Android
  • iOS
  • PhoneGap
  • CodeIgniter
  • Cake PHP
  • Arduino
  •  Kinect
  • Wordpress
  • jQuery
  • Google Maps
  • Shopify
  • EmberJS
  • handlebarsjs
  • AngularJS
  • MeteorJS
  • python
  • tornado(python
  • WebSockets
  • laravel
  • MongoDB
  • Titanium Appcelerator
  • ffmpeg
  • WebRTC
  • unity3D
  • Corona SDK
  • Cordova
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Flask(Python)
  • React JS
  • React Native
  • Sail JS
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